Recapturing Hearts and Minds

DIY Floorboards had been at the top of their pack for years. Providing cost-effective products and advice for their customers who wanted to tackle flooring themselves.

Their website was running off an aged Magento installation and management and maintenance were becoming an issue moving forward. They’d slipped behind their competition in terms of design, User Experience and User Interface.

The Digital Guy was brought in to update, refresh and implement some improvements to their platform and business processes.

Through the dynamic combo of WordPress and WooCommerce we were able to provide them with a responsive, fast, SEO Optimised site with a focus on User Experience.

A customised Quoting process was coded and implemented to streamline their process which has lead to a marked reduction in time spent creating quotes and an improvement in their accuracy and conversion.

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WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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Alignment; Mint Floors & Shutters