Conforming to New Standards

As the Sister company to DIYFloorboards, Mint Floors & Shutters needed a fundamental upgrade to its backend and management systems.

Functionally, the original website design wasn’t too bad, however, to keep it inline with the business improvements made to the Sister site, WordPress and WooCommerce needed to be upgraded and redesigned.

Sharing a single product directory allows the business to make one change that affects both sites simultaneously; effectively halving administration tasks. This massive time saving is now used to increase the customer support process for Mint Floors & Shutters customers.

Created for

Mint Floors & Shutters

Launched in

March, 2022

Skills Used

WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Project Tags
Industry Domination; Bankstown Sound & Marine
Modernisation; DIY Floorboards