Photography; An Elegant Pastime.

Photography; An Elegant Pastime

One of the first memories I have of being creative, other than finger painting, was with my Father. He’d taken me to an Air Show at Bankstown Airport just West of Sydney, Australia. He had always been immensely interested in Aircraft – even running a charter plane in his younger days. There was a mix of private, military and historic air craft on display.

Of course, there were many attractions aimed at family and children, but the one memory that stands out for me, aside from the close range fly-bys, was taking a photo of my Dad next to a particular Air Craft and the praise that I got from both my Mother and Father once seen after it was developed (yes, one-hour photo times before DSLR).

That simple act, that is now days taken for granted, sparked a life-long passion for photography. For capturing views and moments not commonly seen.

I’ve been blessed with the chance to see images I’ve taken bring people to tears, fill them with pride and begin a cascade of other emotions. It’s a feeling unlike any other.

“It’s only a matter of time before the veil is lifted and the light starts to make it come alive. You’re the only one there with your camera, and you’re capturing every moment of that. “That’s a feeling that only photographers know well. It’s incredible.”

Peter McKinnon – 2018

Simple, Elegant and Joyful

Throughout the years since, I’ve taken tens of thousands more shots. Some great, some with the lens cap still on! Far and away, with the birth of my Son gave me the perfect subject for my free time photography. There’s something about capturing an image, not posed, completely candid that pauses memories, feelings, cares and worries in one CR2 file (what a shocker, I’m a Canon shooter).

Those who know a little more about The Digital Guy than most will know that the biggest loves in my life are my Son, my Wife and my Dogs. I’d like to share with you here my all-time favourite photo that I’ve ever taken.

It’s simple, candid and perfect.

My 8-year old Son and 8-year old Great Dane cross sharing a sneaky pat after school in my office.

Photography; An Elegant Pastime

I hope that my life remains as blessed as it currently is and I’m forwarded the opportunity to continue to take photos for both personal and commercial purposes. It’s definitely a skill and a passion I suggest is presented to kids and adults at least once in a lifetime. Seeing the world through a different perspective is potentially what we all need right now.

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